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Postage is only $4. If I remember correctly I picked it up at a swap meet years ago for pretty cheap. Here is that "1". G43 ZF-4 Sniper Scope Reproduction Mount w/ Rings product Welcome to Online Shopping For sale We are shopping online guide G43 ZF-4 Sniper Scope Reproduction Mount w/ Rings Are you looking to buy G43 ZF-4 Sniper Scope Reproduction Mount w/ Rings ? Good news for GSG StG44 22lr owners. No modifications to the firearm. The scope could use a cleaning but works well as is. ></p> This is quite the find, this was vet brought back at the end of the war.

With traditional mounts this can only be achieved if there is sufficient space on the middle tube for additional rings, which there rarely is. this scope has some corrosion but is quite clear to look through. The scope is marked ddx 29845 WaA359 mount with square edges First variant was when Walther stamped the rifle and scope number on the mount - see above. The mount is anodized to Mil-A-8625, Type · TOZ 6P29M Mount · 30mm Scope mount · Delta-tek Sprut mount for pump-action shotguns · Rotor 43 RIS mount for PP Kedr · Kiba Arms International SPRM mount for pump-action shotguns · 30mm ring-mount made by JP · SR1MP silencer mount · Vltor CASV keymod 2 inch guide · Vltor CASV keymod 4 inch guide · Vltor CASV keymod 6 inch guide Scope mount mounting tips for Weigand scope mounts. All Steel Mauser 98 G43 / K43 ZF4 ZF-4 Reproduction Sniper Scope. each set consists of a lever marked "Lose" and "Fest" a lever screw, and split washer.

00. It comes with an original ZF4 "ddx" coded sniper scope in a good quality reproduction mount. These are quality reproduction accessories for an original WWII era ZF-4 4-power sniper scope. Mount has no marks or serial number on it, but we can engrave S/N for you free of charge. The ”Ideal Scope Mount System”™ have interface surfaces directly on the mount, making it possible to mount accessories either by Picatinny rails or as direct interfaces. The Low-profile scope mount was designed to keep your scope as low as possible on the rifle for the best cheek support available.

Discover Browning's Integrated Scope Mount System. This came directly from the veterans family with other "bringback" items. The scope used on the straddle mount was the ZF40. Get it before its gone! K43 G43 ZF4 Sniper Scope and Mount. Spectacular ac 44 G43 with standard rough turned blued bbl, tall front sight with hood, 1,200 meter rear sight & a K43 ddx ZF4 scope with rubber eye cup, front cover & wooden rear plug. PE Mounts - Additional Photos; PE Scopes - Additional Photos; Russian PU/SVT Scope - Additional Photos German ZF4 Scope - Additional Photos.

Once this was done a nitrogen dry air was sealed inside the scope via the plug. The Scalarworks Leap Mount is the lightest, strongest, and easiest to use quick-detach Scope mount in existence. Next. It is in a perfect working condition. Our mounts are machined so true and straight it takes more torque to hold a scope in place. 50, all others pay actual I decided to upgrade my K43 with an original ZF4 rig.

This Special Purpose Rifle mount comes in QD and Bolt-On Models. War Merit Cross With Swords. German Ww2 Wwii G43 K43 Rifle Zf4 Sniper Scope Mount Battlefield Dig Up Relic $199. Explore the top 10 'hammers rifle scope' products on PickyBee the largest catalog of products ideas. Scope is the rarer ddx version. A very nice scope and mount to accompany your late-war K/G43.

CALL 8286988804 WITH ANY QUESTIONS. hensoldt zeiss scope zf 4x24 feroz 24 withcrosshair illuminator, hensoldt zeiss scope zf 4x24 feroz 24 bdc cal 308 or 223 z24 hk h, germany carl zeiss aus jena ddr zf4n rifle scope claw mount, zeiss hensoldt scope zf 4x24 z24 in excellent condition with carrier coolpow, vintage carl zeiss zf 4x32 m post war scope ddr germany for use or repair, german Top quality repro of the rare ZF4 series WWII sniper scope. Tagged: Zf4 Mount + Zf4 Box G43 Zf4 Sniper Scope Storage Can Wwii German Zf-4. What allowed the mounting of these straddle mounts were rails on either side of the sight base which were a part of the receiver itself. Posted in 1918 to 1945, Braunschweig), ddx (Voigtlander & Sohne A-G, German scopes, ZF4 on May 9, 2015 by Laurent Bernard. 10.

Mauser Scope Mounts Quickview. the mounts slid over the mounting rail on the right rear of the reciever. Anybody have a k98 with Wehrmacht installed scope mount? This is a discussion on Anybody have a k98 with Wehrmacht installed scope mount? within the Bolt Action forums, part of the Gun Forum category; I've got a byf 41 (r. 359 waffenampt scope mount and zf4 scope,mount is numbered but does not match rifle serial I am semi considering building a replica swept back ZF4 K98 sniper. Also included is a reproduction eye shade, and lens covers. 22-cal.

Type 3 - $179. Phosphate finish 90% clear lens & glass. I have a WWII German Mauser g43 assault rifle with out a scope, but that is all matching and operating shooting very well. These plugs were add so that during production the scope's o-ring seals could be pressured tested followed by vacuuming out any moisture. The scope is an original ww2 ddx zf4 scope with excellent optics! Optics are 10/10!! The mount is the highest quality reproduction I have ever held. Unfortunately the leather strap near the one cap end tore when I removed the crop to check the scope.

Brno ZKK 602 375 H&H w OEM QD mount and ZF4/S Zeiss Scope Description: ON LAYAWAY THRU 7/4 Early and desirable ZKK 602 in very nice shape with extremely rare ZKK602-marked OEM adjustable one piece scope mount and matching Jena (Zeiss) 4x rail scope with heavy German post/crosshair reticle. Reproduction Zf4 scope retaining band assembly. Scope marked "GW ZF4 DOW". Postage within the EU is $3. I switched my original ZF4 "dow" scope and repro mount between my G43's and K43. What is the value of this rifle.

Browning’s Integrated Scope Mount System unitizes the ring and base into a single, ultra-rigid unit. Brand New. It is the one shown in believe both Senditchs and Weavers books. ZF4 Scope German K98 Series. ZF4 Mount for G43 K43 ZF-4 Sniper Scope WWII German G-43 Zf4 Mount + Scope for the G43 K43 Sniper Rifle WWII German G-43 ZF-4 ddx ZF4 scope & sniper mount for G43 and K43 - ZF41 authentic WWII ZF 4 Mauser VINTAGE SNIPER SCOPE GERMAN Mauser Rifle ORIGINAL WWII Gw ZF4 DDX K43 WW2 WW2 German Wehrmacht / Luftwaffe G43 K43 ZF4 Sniper Scope & Eye Cup Attached photos are of an actual wartime scope mount to an MP44. The Germans also produced a small amount of prototype and pre-production test batch of the g33/40 equipped with the zf 41 sharpshooter scope.

Mount your Tactacam camera on shotguns, muzzleloaders, rifles and crossbows using this Custom Gun/Scope Mount. You will not hurt the threads in our mounts since we use such long ring screws. Mount is in good condition and fits tight. Zf4 Mount + Scope for the G43 K43 Sniper Rifle WWII German G-43 ZF-4. ZF K 43 - dow = Opticotechna GmbH, Prerau. 50 to ship this liner anywhere in the US, Canada, Australia, NZ and most of Asia.

everything you need to fix that stripped lever on your mount! $39 each set ZF4 MOUNT + Scope for the G43 K43 Sniper Rifle WWII German G-43 ZF-4 - $495. £380. The scope also comes with a reproduction rubber eye cup and a reproduction lens cover. It was basically the earlier type E scope with the GwZF4 scope. Wanting to put a Zf4 scope on with 30mm rings I ordered the all steel UTG mount for H&K rifles which has a Picatinney rail on top. Zf4 Mount + Scope For The G43 K43 Sniper Rifle Wwii German G-43 Zf-4.

Mount is original late war phosphate within 400 serial numbers of the rifle. This is the mother of all G/K 43 scope rigs. MP-43, MP-44, FG-42 automatic select fire weapons had the ZF-41/1 fitted for test only, these were not produced past prototype stage,the zf-4 scope was then used on these weapons instead. This is a high quality reproduction of German WWII ZF41 adapter base and mount. I believe you about the ammo, a friend of mine had some italian surplus that was very scary major overpressure, blown out primers, hang fires, all kinds of crap. RIAC believes that this website is accessible to the widest possible audience pursuant to the guidelines of the Americans with Disability Act.

This is an investment grade scope and mount. It comes complete with the mounting base for attachment to a standard 98K WWII Mauser. These are also the cheapest Integration means stability. 00 German K98 K98k 98k Mauser High Turret Sniper Scope Mount With Split Rings Need input: Best repro ZF-4 scope and mount options?? Curio & Relic/Black Powder I designed a device that gets clamped down in the carry handle with two band clamps, a bit like the WW2 German ZF4 mounts. The dow scope 27930 on a BLM mount. Original zf4 scope mount for g-43 scope & mount waffenamp 359 adx coded scope for use on Walther coded ac 43 44 & 45 rifles.

Adjustment knob functions. Email me for any questions Scope mount mounting tips for Weigand scope mounts. I am selling a great Zf4 scope rig for the g43/k43/mp44 rifles. The document has moved here. Very Good condition. For more information review our flagging Great info! The “bubblizing” the scope/rifle/mounts for levelness is the time consuming, detail stressing part of the process.

*RARE WALTHER G43 SNIPER WITH SCOPE & SLING. Cal. . 5x Zielfernrohr 4 (Zf4) telescopic sight was fitted to some Karabiner 98k rifles for sharpshooting use. The ZF4 was retained by the use of two bent metal bands that could be righted or loosened around each end of the scope by two nut and bolt Re: German G/K43 with Zf4 scope project in . Wish List (0) My Account Contact Us Shopping Cart Checkout.

I look forward to your range report, i've thought about putting the repro scope mounts on mine just for more utility. Fits rear sight on German K98 Rifle perfectly. This may be necessary when the mount holes in the rifle's receiver are not in true alignment with the barrel. The Swallow Tail Mount A swept back mount housing the ZF4 optical 4x zoom scope was designed in 1943 and was fielded throughout the war. Well I'll look at the scout mounts and scope and see if I can find something that makes me happy. G43 ZF-4 Sniper Scope Reproduction Mount w/ Rings Mauser 98 ZF4 / ZF-4 Sweep Back Reproduction Sniper Scope Mount w/ Rings $149.

other suitable scopes removed from Gew98 rifles were also used like the Gerard B3x,Gerard C 4 ½x and the Gerard M4 x. This scope and mount are both original items, not reproduction. German K98 Rifle Scope Mount Set/Closed Photo of a G43 ac44 #6847d - all parts are matching incl. 00 Save Up to 22% Best Rated 3 models Burris 1 inch Quick Detach Solid Steel Riflescope Rings ( fits Weaver - Style Bases ) (10) As Low As $45. Therein lays the problem. ZF4 Scope.

Like the original it offers a fixed magnification of 3. $950 2. 308 win. Buy it with confidence is really a good scope. View as Grid List. Machined from 7000 series aluminum alloy, they eliminate alignment problems and the possibility of a loose connection between the base and ring.

95+% scope and mount, real dowels, screws and bands (one phos, one blued), with accessories- see pics! Optics clear and everything works on dow. 09. Walther mfg. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. Original and mint WWII German ZF4 Sniper Scope and Mount for the Walther G43 & K43 Rifle. Quality reproduction of this incredibly rare sniper scope mount.

This type of scope was used on Mauser 98K rifles and G43/K43 rifles. What I am sharing with you on this page is an accumulation of years of designing, manufacturing and installing scope mounts. High quality reproduction, looks, fits and functions just like the expensive original German ones. Once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain one of the very rare, genuine, original ZF4 scopes outfitted with purpose made mounts for the FG 42 rifle. Numrich Reproduction Zf4 Scope The sarco's went on easier wit alot less fileing and tapping. Zf4 Mount - $495.

Original Zf4 scope mountings are extremely scarce, and excellent quality reproductions abound. Read More. 00 Brand G43 Seller ncreptile Available on Gunboards. These scopes were mainly produced for the G/K43 rifles, but many were also produced for use on the FG42 - marked "L". The screws can handle about 70 inch pounds. Comes with 2 mag pouches containing a total of 4 mags.

Shop with confidence. h060474 gw zf4 walther ww2 german k43 sniper rifle with zf4 scope auction: 7420296. (139073-72A) Categories: ORIGINAL WWII GERMAN G43 ZF4 Sniper Scope and Mount K43 - $2,584. Buy online, view images and see past prices for G43 Rifle Scope with Mount. 359 stamped and proofed mount. Late P38 Mauser Cyq & Walther Authentic Wwii German Slide Stop & Spring P 38 .

New Listing ZF4 scope sniper mount for G43 and K43 - ZF41 authentic WWII ZF 4 Mauser rifle . 3413 ZF4 Gw ZF4 bzz 3505 ZF4 Gw ZF4 dow 214 sq mount 3510 ZF4 Gw ZF4 bzz blue 3521 ZF4 Gw ZF4 dow number type marking 3 l. If compared with the price of an original (when it is even available for sale) this one is a great alternative. Price $235. The scope has the late "K43" designation and maker coded "ddx" for Voigtlander und Sohn, Braunschweig. Has triangle showing it was "winterized".

each set consists of two bands, four dowels, and two screws. Original WWII German ZF4 scope and 359 mount for rifle #4087 for the G or K43 rifle in excellent condition, the ZF4 scope #60167 is marked ddx with a blue triangle for cold climate, the optics are cloudy, the elevation works but the windage doesn't seem to move. Doing some live commentary and testing with the Scope STG44. Late-war Walther un-numbered mount with the late-war Voightlander DDX “gas-plug” scope. Zf4 Scope And Mount : $200. Find German Scope Mount In Stock Now.

Blueing is 60%. Attached photos are of an actual wartime scope mount to an MP44. I know these mounts were used on the Type II FG42, I don’t know about the Type I. dated 1944 K43 with ZF4 sniper scope in overall good condition. Very nice condition overall COST 2000. Description: WWII German G43 Sniper Rifle with ZF4 Scope and Current Production Mount This is a late WWII G43 semi-automatic rifle as produced by Berlin-Lubecker (duv) that has been fitted with a reproduction scope mount and original WWII ZF4 scope.

Scope is clear with good adjustments. A scope mount for a gun is used to magnify and visualize targets in the distance. Documented and photographed items like this will always be more valuable than other mounts and tend to increase in value at a higher rate. Our Integrated Scope Mount System eliminates alignment problems and the possibility of a loose connection between the base and ring. The Scalarworks Leap Mount is the lightest, strongest, sleekest, and easiest to use Quick-Detach Scope mount on the market. 00 40.

I even got scolded on another forum for mentioning it/ asking questions. Save zf4 scope mount to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously. It looks like it could be real but before I sell it I wanted to ask the experts so I dont misrepresent it. Sort German Mauser K98 98K ZF4 Sniper Scope Mount All Steel(NO. I also have a Mauser 98k with a sharp shooter scope and scope mount with matching numbers to the rifle, which is also all matching.

Metal ZF4 scope can thought to be an original. The scope measures 11"28cm) in length. This is absolutely genuine, overall EX condition, ca. everything you need to mount your scope! $52 each pair shipped temporarily sold out Mauser 98 ZF4 / ZF-4 Sweep Back Reproduction Sniper Scope Mount w/ Rings History Of the ZF4 Scope Starting from 1941, the short 1. How does the base mount to the receiver? I dont see any screw/pin holes in the very few pictures of the base I have seen. Popular Search Terms On eBay For Zf4 Scope.

1016) $175. The Smartphone Scope Mount Spotter is a new, innovative & easy way to capture video through your scope! The Spotter connects ANY spotting scope to ANY smartphone with either our patent pending magnet attachment system or a universal clamp. 00 scope. these are really nice, but differ just enough from the original so that they can't be passed off as the real deal to those who know better. use lined out remarks 3541 ZF4 Gw ZF4 dow 3550 ZF4 Gw ZF4 dow green no 3590 ZF4 Gw ZF4 bzz 3599 ZF4 Gw ZF4 dow 214 mount #5849 3641 ZF4 Gw ZF4 dow no 3708 ZF4 Gw ZF4 dow 3731 ZF4 Gw ZF4 bzz 3735 ZF4 Gw From the American Rifleman archives is the story of the K98k, equipped with the low-power, long-eye-relief Zf 41 scope, it was the most numerous German sniper rifle of World War II. This is a very nice Zf4 and original mount, bands, screws, rubber eyepiece, and scope covers.

Windage has 8 gradients. 49 Save zf4 scope to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. And to top it off, There is no possible way a swept back mount could be mounted to the left side of a G41(W) Agreed that the picture of the G41(W) with the ZF4 is 100% fake. Experimental ZF4 Scope and my FG42 Model 2 or MP44 - posted in The MP38-40 - 43/44 Message Board: Years ago I acquired this Experimental ZF4 scope. Same as the ones that come with our Zf4 mou. 8X57.

Zf4 Mount + Scope For The G43 K43 Sniper Rifle Wwii German G-43 Zf-4 $495. scopes used were those already in the supply system. This item is for a quality reproduction of an original WWII era ZF-4 4-power sniper scope. Mount is complete with the rings. It needs to go. share: The scope was manufactured as late as the 1980s and if you cannot find an original, there is a replica offered by Firefield known as the Firefield PU Mosin-Nagant/SVT-40 Scope.

Thought some of you shooters might be interested in a repro instead of that very expensive one!! ZF4 MOUNT FOR G43 K43 ZF-4 Sniper Scope WWII German G-43 - $179. Manufactured from the original drawings. Exceptionally rare sniper scope for the FG42 Assault Rifle used by the German Fallschirmjager during WW2, with a purpose made pressed steel mount for the 2nd Type Dietrich Altenburg (gcy code) produced FG42 rifles, which has special dovetails for this mount. It takes the ZF4 scope, which we have available. 1. The scope generally is in excellent condition.

Western Battles In The East Medal. There is a axial hole through the mount to be able to use iron sights without removing the mount. German WW2 ZF4 scope mount bands and bolts set: This is a quality European made reproduction of a German WWII ZF4 scope mount band set. a small thumb lever would engage the recess in the middle of the rail and a large hand lever would tighten the mount to lock it in place. The mount used on these is referred to as the “straddle” mount, so named for straddling the rear sight. It works perfect with a very clear view.

30 to 35 inch pounds on a good quality scope. These mounts were made to standardize the ZF-4 scope at the very end of WWII. The ring and base become a single, ultra-rigid unit machined from 7000 series aluminum alloy and are available in WTS: Original German ZF4 scope with repro mount for G43 Other WTS: Original German ZF4 scope with repro mount for G43 - CMP Forums CMP Forums > Marketplace > Parts For Sale or Trade > Other From the American Rifleman archives is the story of the K98k, equipped with the low-power, long-eye-relief Zf 41 scope, it was the most numerous German sniper rifle of World War II. 31. Hope you guys Enjoy! Like and Subscribe! Gewehr-Zielfernrohr 4-fach (scope GW ZF4 5875 / mount 3674) or 4 power telescopic rifle sight. Hensoldt Fero Z24 4x24 scope and claw mount.

43 scope mount with a dow coded (Opticotechna GmbH) ZF4 scope with a blue triangle indicating it’s suitable for use in artic conditions. Hi all, I have this German ZF4 scope that I found while cleaning out some old boxes of stuff at my house. Elevation from 100 to 800 meters. I am selling the rifle with a repro scope mount fitted to this rifle and a post war Meopta scope, repro eye protector, repro sling, 2 repro mags fitted to the rifle and 2 repro mag pouches. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. K98k Turret mount use.

00 SHIPPING NO CREDIT CARDS TAKEN. Attempting to put my original H&K 93 Hensoldt scope and mount on my new GSG StG44 revealed a tight lockup. Numrich is offering a reproduction scope for 360. barrel and up to a 34mm scope. The scope serial number (80061) indicates fairly late production. Perfect for a shooter grade or Czech G43 rifle.

5 . The scope has a post reticle and the optics are a bit dirty. German Mauser K98 98K ZF4 Sniper Scope Mount All Steel RSM Package including everything in the picture. We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. com Location Raleigh NC Description. With that in mind it is best to use a smaller lens diameter scope with a lens diameter of 30mm-36mm or a straight tube scope like the "Weaver K2.

Suitable for live action - really perfect, no difference to tell to original. SN 7672P. The first is what I understand to be a ZF4 scope and authentic scope mount. Mauser Scope Mounts. 4 numbered and indexed mounting torx heads -Even the slightest variance in how the mount is attached to a weapon can alter the point of impact. The scope is marked ''Gw ZF4/31838/ddx'' and the triangle appears to have blue paint which would indicate use in cold weather environments.

Yugo 48 Mauser Scout Scope Mount Weaver Style - S&K Mounts S & K Scope Mounts was founded in 1964 by Sid Haight who saw the need then for a high quality scope mount to meet specific needs. Clear optics. SN 2761m. + Zf4 Mount + Scope for the G43 K43 Sniper Rifle WWII German G-43 ZF-4. Find the best ideas carefully selected for you. BLM used dow scopes almost exclusively.

All external numbers match, except scope mount, and all Waffen proofs appear to be present. The quality is incredible and original type markings are on the scope. High quality reproduction ZF4 scope and mount. low turret mounts installed by ordnance supply offices to selected K98k rifles. This scope and mount was standard on G43s. 43 semi-automatic rifle.

Scope itself is in excellent condition. The UTG is all Steel and very well made and locks up exaxtly like the H&K Stanag mount. I've been told the mount is likely more valuable than the scope itself, but don't know much beyond that. ZF4 scope Zf-4 G43 K43 scope German Mauser K98 98K all steel repro Sniper Scope. 0232. I have 5 G/K-43's and where the mount fits on one, it won't go on the Find great deals on eBay for zf4 mount.

The height is set for 1. On this device I put two pieces of weaver rail to mount the scope on. No. Model Number Description Image Price in USD; This kit will fit all three rifles M63A-371 M48K-351 K98K-381 Specify your particular model: Special Performance Kit #1: includes 4X Scope, Mount, Rings, Competition Trigger (Case is Free) The scope features the typical German-style reticle and slightly discolored but otherwise very good optics. ) that I would like to put a period style re-pop scope mount on. By using this feature the shooter can leave the scope's internal windage adjustment at the center of travel while putting the majority of the windage correction into the mount base.

FG42 Scope mount with ZF4 (Swallow style) I took several pics of the mount itself and also pics of the mount with my new Meopta Repro ZF4 (made by Meopta) mounted on the mount. This pattern mount is the only type that fits correctly and clamps both mount feet to the receiver rails on Krieghoff (“fzs”) made second pattern FG42s. Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. NO MORE, this is it, period, the end, DONE. This is a mint un-issued and un-numbered phosphate finished Walther 359 proofed K. .

Sight channel built in to use the iron sights. That ZF4 scope wasnt around till later. Today, under the management of Bryan Labowski S&K continues to provide the quality services and products envisioned by the company's founder. code triangle spec. The set come will all you see including the springs and other hardware. 5, K3, or V1.

These late war mounts were intended to be an easy to produce, rigid and robust scope mount and base system that could be easily mounted on the standard K98 rifle, without specialized receivers or complicated soldering and mounting techniques, that utilized the new ZF4 style of scope that was also a war expedient version of the traditional Zf4 mounts. Czech ZF4 scope and Czech G43 mount. Condition is Used. Precisely machined, made from blued steel. Scope bears serial number “79338” & mount has number “7003”. Need input: Best repro ZF-4 scope and mount options?? Curio & Relic/Black Powder Red cross hair illuminator for Hensoldt Z24 and ZF and ZF4 Model 2 Scopes.

375" above the rail, for proper cheekweld (slightly lower than the LT111’s 1. 95. The ZF4 was retained by the use of two bent metal bands that could be righted or loosened around each end of the scope by two nut and bolt Yeah a number of folks have said the same thing about going with a scout mount/scope instead due to depreciating the gun, the cost of drill/tap vs. ZF4 Scope and K98 Mauser Swept Back Mount Set. I wrote to all the scope, ring, and mount manufacturers, and asked them to put perfect 12 o’clock index lines on all their products to minimize the bubbleizing required. Serial number 48577 and marked for rifle FG42 Nr.

They are available in -This simple tool fits in a 10-degree slot on the mount while mounting the scope and works against the bottom of the scope to ensure a perfectly level scope. 59 Save Up to 32% Best Rated GG&G's FLT Scope Mount with 30mm Integral Rings is a lightweight mount that quickly allows you to remove or install your SPR rifle's scope. ZF4 MOUNT FOR G43 K43 ZF-4 Sniper Scope WWII German G-43 - $241. This item is a added items that fits the scope itself to provide an adjustable red light illuminator which allows you to light up your scopes cross hair in low light conditions. German Scope Mount For Sale. Optics are slightly cloudy, but I would call it 90%.

German G43 (Gewehr 43, Karabiner 43 or K43) Semi-Auto Rifle with ZF 4 Scope & Mount, Nazi Marked, Nonimport, C&R The scope and mount are in about Good condition. With the K43 ac45, the iron sights and scope reticle are spot on at about 200 yards/meters while the reticle is vertically centered. c. The scope was manufactured by DOW (Opticotechna) and is proofed with a blue triangle for optic use. M11/9 Cobray Scope Mount (SM-CBRY-01) $70. Yugo 48 Mauser Scout Scope Mount Weaver Style - S&K Mounts Small Ring Mauser Scope Mount - Swedish, 93,94,95 This is a very nice Zf4 and original mount, bands, screws, rubber eyepiece, and scope covers.

these were mainly the Zeiss Zeilvier 4x ,as formerly used on the Kar98b,renamed the ZF39. Researching the Midwest Ostfront Armory archive shows a custom built G43 with the scope mount stud reproduced. The scope glass is fine and the scope itself works well. Scarce Authentic WWII WaA 214 Mount and "dow" ZF4 with Accessories: For every 50 WaA359 mounts, we find a 1 WaA214 mount. Fits beautifully. Type 3 Ssr Sniper Scope Mount German K98 98k Mauser, 100 Youre right.

1939 low turret mount introduced. Moved Permanently. 1, Mk III Series SMLE Aldis, Periscopic Prism scope, Winchester A5, William Malcolm 3X or 6X GERMAN K-43 SEMI-AUTO RIFLE WITH ZF4 TELESCOPE. 8 MM. The ZF-4 scopes were used on Mauser 98K rifles, G43/K43 rifles and MP44 sub machine guns. The second and hardest variant to find is when the scope and gun number were hand applied with a electro pencil.

PROVENANCE: Stern Collection. CHECKS AND MONEY ORDERS CAN TAKE UP TO 5 DAYS TO CLEAR. 5-4. h073374 zfk 43 sharpshooter's scope. Mount: looks, fits and functions just like the expensive original German ones. 00 30.

This is an original ZF4 sniper scope & mount for the German K. 4 models DNZ Products LLC 1 Inch Scope Tube High Mount For Harrington And Richardson Rifle (7) As Low As $53. is it worth it, etc. Fits a . Brand new. Sturm Ruger Mini-14 Scope-Mount& 1" Rings S&K No Gunsmithing Prefix-181& 182, This is a Complete No-GunSmithing Scope Mount by S&K for the Older Ruger Mini-14 That doesn't use the Factory Ruger Dovetail Rings.

I sold one duplicate K98 and a K98 stock set to get within $50. Original blued finish on the scope is in very good condition - - I would rate the finish at 97%+ -- optics are just a tad cloudy - - the windage and elevation work flawlessly. This rig is about as good as they get. ZF4 Scope Example of a ZF4 scope with the gas plug added. Vintage German rifle scope#CARL ZEISS JENA ZF4/S DDR# Nr 978899 with original claw mounts and bases. You can purchase a scope mount from any gun store or from a hunting store.

ZF-4 Sniper Scope Accessories. The Zf-4 was in fact the first attempt to provide the ordinary infantryman with a rifle capable of being used, if not for pure sniping, then at least for sharpshooting. The lenses are also clear without any scratches. Add to Cart. h053771 zfk 43 sharpshooter's scope with mount assembly. ORIGINAL ZF4 SCOPE & MOUNT FOR G-43 SCOPE & MOUNT WAFFENAMP 359 ADX CODED Description: Original zf4 scope mount for g-43 scope & mount waffenamp 359 adx coded scope for use on Walther coded ac 43 44 & 45 rifles.

This is the rarest of the rare. 5X and is outwardly similar down to the mount. scope is a DDX key words german sniper wwII ww2 scope zf-4 g43 k43 g k 43 dow 214 Scope 4 (german: Zielfernrohr = ZF), perfect repro. The Hammers Illuminated Riflescope Compact Short Rifle Scope AR15 BDC 3-9×42 Weaver Rings is perfect for use with military style rifles or small caliber hunting rifles. This is a well crafted reproduction of a German WWII sniper scope mount for the G43 rifle. This Mount will also Fit the Earlier Ruger Mini-14's with 181& 182 Serial Number Prefix.

I am not sure if it is a real one or a reproduction. 535” height). Type 3 Ssr Sniper Scope Mount German K98 98k Mauser, 100 "jvb" (metal ZF4 scope cans) Wessel and Muller WAFFENAMTS (number codes aka "proofs") "WaA217" wooden ZF4 scope boxes "WaA542" jvb metal ZF4 scope cans "359" found on ZF4 scope mounts issued with Walther rifles, inspected by Walther "214" found on ZF4 scope mounts issued with BLM rifles, inpsected by BLM OPI 4X scope, Echo mount Germany: 8x57 mm Gewehr 98 8x57 mm Karbine 98 ZF4, ZF39, ZF41 Non-issue: Weaver K4 (32 mm max. The scope has good optics and the mount fits the rifle's receiver rail perfectly, locking on firmly as would an original. Ground dug ZF4 (ddx) scope and mount. 25 inch pounds on ring screws for a cheap $60.

The ''(Eagle)/359'' marked mount is numbered ''9889'', it is turning to a gray patina with some pitting and oxidation staining. The elevation adjustment knob functions well but the windage adjustment does not appear to be working. 303 cal. ANY SCOPE(with mount and cap set) JUST $235 SHIPPED! This is the last I will have for sale. Price Highest . objective lens dia.

First of all, that mount is a swept back mount found on pretty rare JP sauer made K98s. Find great deals on eBay for zf4 scope and zf4 scope mount. The scope glass is in excellent condition and turrets function properly. Sportsman's Guide has your Reproduction German G-43 / K43 Scope Mount available at a great price in our collection FREE SHIPPING ON $99+ SH2014 Use Coupon Code SH2014 at Checkout to receive Free Shipping on your order of $99 or more. The scope and mount is readily available as a repro. the lever would be swung For Sale: german sniper rifle scope k43 ac45 and mount zf4 The community has spoken! This listing been flagged as a scam.

Shows light to moderate wear and age. 95+% scope and mount, real dowels, screws and bands (one phos, one blued), with accessories- see pics! German K98, K98K Mauser ZF41 Sniper Scope Mount and Adapter. The list of tips and tricks listed below are a series of helpful hints to do a scope mount and scope installation that will give you years of trouble free service. LaRue Tactical Scope Mount QD LT807-34 The LT807 QD Scope Mount is available in 30 or 34mm rings. The mount slid on easily on my ac44, and very tight on my ac45, may require some hand fitting. Close up of maker marks and proofs Reproduction Zf4 scope mount lever assembly.

Make rcode is ddx (Voigtlander & Sohn AG). mount. ) Germany: Gewehr 43 or Karbine 43 (semi-auto) ZF4 Great Britain and Commonwealth Countries: . Showing recoil demostrations, ranging tricks and more. (ZF K43 dow Δ) original post cross hair configuration. This is what is used to attach the scope to the mount.

ZF4 Rings replacement for German zf-4 sniper scope mount High quality reproduction rings for the ZF4 scope mount. ZF-4 reproduction scope can. More Details. h016475 zf4 sharpshooter's scope with mount assembly. for something this old for sure. - FR-142, WWII German ZF4 Sniper Scope: Nice original from the estate of a WWII US Army 89th Infantry Division Veteran.

zf4 scope mount

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